Have you ever wondered why women love buying wigs? Whether it’s health, wellness, style, or simply trying a new look, wigs have infinite possibilities. Long gone are the days where wigs are the remedy for an ailment or illness, in today’s generation, having a wig is essential to bringing range and flexibility to your personal style. Just like an annual haircut or change of color, wigs can be customized to showcase all of your best features. If you’ve been contemplating a suitable hair style, Bali Hair Boutique is here to assist you. Here are a few ways to determine the best wig to flatter your authentic beauty

Examine Your Face Shape
When you are deciding on the type of wig you want to purchase, you want to examine your face shape to find the most flattering style. Everyone has their own unique face shape whether it’s an oval, heart, pear, diamond, etc. The great thing about wigs versus a traditional haircut is that you have the power to determine the length, cut, pattern, and color of the wig. Let’s say you have a round face shape, we’d recommend layering your hair using selection from our virgin and premium products hair. Once you determine your face shape, you can start shopping at Bali Hair Boutique!

Consider Your Skin Tone
Sporting an amazing hairstyle is only half the battle when deciding suitable hair style using a wig or bundle. The color of the wig or bundle can have a significant impact on how well it flatters you. Bali Boutique features 100% raw virgin hair extensions and virgin single donor hair in a variety of colors and styles to integrate seamlessly with your natural hair color.
We recommend choosing a natural-looking hair color that compliments your skin tone. For example if you have warm-toned skin you want to choose warm colors like chocolate brown or honey blonde. If you have cool-toned skin we recommend dark black or light blonde. Take time to experiment and consider all the possibilities before jumping into a new hair color if it’s drastically different from your natural hair.

Determine Your Preferred Hairstyle
The best hairstyles are ones that feel natural to your unique taste. If you’re purchasing a wig like our Bali “Island Curly” Wig, you want to consider your preferred hairstyle when sporting curls. The length, texture, and wig style all play a role in helping you achieve your desired look. You aren’t only limited to one style of hair preference. The versatility of wigs, closures, and extensions make your beauty options limitless.
We encourage you to have fun with the process of using a wig or incorporating extensions into your hair routine. Don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone with a new color or style and use social media for inspiration. Just because a texture, style, or color isn’t a part of your normal beauty routine doesn’t mean it can’t be a new, fresh, dynamic look for you.