If you have been searching for a chic, fashionable, and head turning way to switch up your hair game, look no further than Bali Hair Boutique Closures and Frontals. If you are new to using wigs or extensions and are looking for the best product to make your hair center stage, then we’re going to break down how closures and frontals improve your wig style.

Wigs are a natural and beautiful solution to achieving the hairstyle of your dreams. They can help hide bald spots, promote natural hair growth, provide you with limitless style options, and be a convenient option for the boss women moving on-the go. So how do closures and frontals help your wig?

What is a Closure?

A closure is a term used for a hairpiece that can be placed in the middle of your hair and is 5 inches long and wide with a square appearance. There are different types of closures which can range from lace or silk depending on the preference of the customers. Closures help create the illusion of a scalp which can help to create a defined side or middle part on the head. If you are looking for an everyday style you can wear from day to day then using a closure will help you maintain a consistent look.

What is a Frontal?

A frontal covers your hair from ear to ear and ranges in length for quick and easy installations. These have become popular over the past decade because of their versatility with wigs, weaves, and natural hair extensions. It’s typically sewn onto a bundle but can also be used to make a full wig. Similar to a closure, frontals can be made of lace or silk and is an excellent option for women wanting to use updos like a half ponytail or full ponytail.

Frontal or Closure Maintenance Tips:

Now that we’ve covered the differences between a frontal and closure, here are a few tips for selecting the product for your desired style.

  • Use a foundation to match or blend the color of the frontal to your skin tone.
  • You can make the hairline of the frontal or closure look very natural by plucking the hairline slightly if you feel the hair is too dense when you first try on the frontal or closure.
  • Don’t forget to wash your lace frontal or closure regularly especially if you use wig glues as this will build up on the material and make it harder to reapply on your hair.
  • When you are styling with a straightener or blow dryer, do not apply heat directly onto the base of your closure or frontal to avoid damage.

Closures and frontals can be used to create the look you always wanted by giving the illusion of a natural scalp and allows you to part your hair in several ways for a natural looking hairline.
The best option for you truly depends on your personal preference because both products are going to give you a seamless, natural look that you can transform into a bold style.If you like to mix and match your hairstyles then these are both great options depending on your style goals and budget. Bali Hair Boutique offers closures and frontals that range in length, color, and are derived from 100% virgin and raw Indian hair.